Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hayley: My Brand

Gone are the days when being a geek, a nerd, a dork, is uncool. The uber-cool among us are now costuming themselves to appear as the geeks they once taunted. With the proliferation of the I.T. and design industries, "Geek Chic" is a style quickly finding it's way onto the streets of Australia. The true geeks are finding that they now have an identifiable culture that others strive to be a part of.Part of being a geek is loving something so much, in a way that it opens you up to ridicule. This may be a love of computers, books, video games, comics, horror films, technology, the list goes on.

It's now cool to love what you love so excessively. being geeky and being cool are no longer mutually exclusive. My label brings the two together, making it readily available to both the true geek and those wanting to embrace the trend, maybe revealing their inner geek.
We readily associate certain things with being a geek. These things could be seen as the totems or symbols of this culture.
  • computers
  • the library
  • calculators
  • thick rimmed black glasses
  • argyle
  • vintage computer graphics
  • cats quietly sitting on a window sill
  • video games
  • library bags
Geeks are generally quite subdued. As a reflection of this, I will be keeping my choice of colour palette equally subdued. Pale pink, grey, green, yellow and cream will be used in my logo design, my clothing and my concept store.

My label is inspired by the late 70's/early 80's era, the introduction of the video arcade as well as elements of the 1940's, i.e. the pencil skirt popularized by Christian Dior.

My target market will be the 20-30 year old, fashion conscious men and women of Australia who appreciate vintage fabrics, understated T's, and classic design for everyday street wear.
I will be creating the Autumn/Winter range for my label including both men's and women's wear.
  • skirts
  • Tshirts
  • vests
  • cardigans
  • collared shirts
  • pants
  • shorts
As well as these staple pieces, my label will stock a range of accessories.
  • black rimmed glasses
  • finger-less gloves
  • socks
  • hair adornments
  • scarves
I aim to use vintage fabrics as well as fabrics with vintage inspired prints.Some wool/acrylic and some fleece lined poly-cotton. My label is not concerned with the specific types of fabric. Attaining the desired look is the main concern.
I am wanting to use a single word associated with the geek world for my label. Some potential names include:
  • librarian
  • library
  • public library
  • poindexter
  • wallflower
  • study group
  • catalogue
  • the library
  • book room
  • collection
I am personally leaning towards "Library". Let me know what you all think. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. i'd wear your male chic geek range. haha. i like poindexter for the label name, it's says nerdy all over it.

  2. I love your brand concept and thought the girl in the first photo resembled you!!

    How about Bookmark! or Book Club!

  3. I like "Wallflower".
    Poindexter also good.

  4. poindexter sounds the part does it have a meaning or slang? what about dweeb it means an insignificant student who is riduculed as being affected or studying effectively.