Tuesday, July 7, 2009

create a brand profile

Something to consider in preparation for next terms wearable unit. Whilst on term break also take the opportunity to visit clothing retail outlets and observe, the point-of-sale, the visual techniques involved in the naming, packaging, displaying, promoting, appearance of a range of apparel products and shop layout/fitout etc.This brief will also integrate with Lis Walton's class Interpret brief where you will be designing the graphic visual identity of your label. In Spatial design with Stacy you will be designing the interior of the shop exclusively selling your label.

You have been sent an invitation to a new blog for you to make a 200 wd post with 5 appropriate images. Please read and answer the following to create a profile for your clothing label.

"Style is central to subcultural identity, and clothing and body adornment are the most visible emblems of membership signifying loyalty to kindred spirits and exclusion to the world at large".

Consider the above and the personality of your clothing label.
e.g. The American Pig Brand (APB) concept is a direct reflection of the remarkable and often excessive qualities of American culture. APB celebrates large Sport Utility Vehicles, 24 hour drive-thrus, pre-approved platinum credit cards, and other distinguishing characteristics of American life. APB has potential to portray both positive and negative views of the exceedingly prosperous American lifestyle.

Define and describe your potential market for your clothing label by answering the following questions.

Name 1-2 (Hybrids of two subcultures allowed.)

a social group within a national culture that has distinctive patterns of behaviour and beliefs. e.g Punk, Ballroom Dancing, Skating, Psychobilly, Trance, Burlesque, Grid Iron, Ping Pong, Fruits, Surfing, etc

2. Totems?
Name 1-3

An emblem consisting of an object such as an animal or plant; serves as a symbol of a family clan. e.g. snake, dragonfly, griffin, scorpion, shamrock, rose, fleur-de-lis, lotus, peyote, saffron, thistle, cedar, sycamore, yew, coral, cowrie, scallop, scarabs, doves, frogs, centaur etc

3. Symbols?
Name 2-3

An arbituary signs (written or printed) that has an acquired a conventional significance e.g arrow, cross, star, wheel, elements, dragons eye, swastika, anchor, trident, feather, key, shoe, web, mermaid etc

4. Colours
Name 5

significant palette list and swatch 5

5. Historical style
Name 1-2
what influence e.g. Byzantine, Soviet, Maori, Pop, Egyptian, Celtic, art nouveau, 1950’s, Art Deco, Japanese edo period, Post Modernism, Bauhaus, Rococo , Renaissance, Contemporary Asian,

6. Age Group?
Name 1

7. Gender?
Name 1

8. Season?
Name 1

9. Geographical Distribution?
Name 1-4

10. Social, Pollitical or Environmental aware?
If so what issues rattles you the most. List 3 (optional)

11. Define the products in the range.

12. Types of fabrics?
e.g. natural, synthetics, blends, woven, knitted, metallic, textured, jacquard, lace etc

13. Name of your brand?
list 15 potential names.

14. Anything else you need to tell?

due 28/07/09

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