Thursday, July 30, 2009

Candy - My Clothing Brand

My Intension
1. Subculture - I like the gypsy/hippee bohemiem Style.

2. Totems - Am thinking of Dove or a tree.
3. Symbols - Tigerlillies, or some sort of waterlilly.

4. Colours - Reds, green, purple, orange, pink, and Maybe either biege or browns?

5. Historical Style - The Style would be similar to the Stevie Nicks /Bridget Bardot look, free flowing, comfortable, and casual.

6. Age Group - 25+

7. Gender - Female

8. Season - Spring through to Summer

9. Graphical

Distribution - Queensland costal areas such Beach/Tourist hotspots.

10. Social/Pollitical/Enviromental ?

11. Product Range - Dressers, skirts, tops, long pants(flairs), shorts, sandles?jewerelly

& accessories?

12. Fabric Types - Wool, cottons, linen, silk, rayons, crepe

13. Brand Names- I researched the gypsy/bohemiam look and i found that bohemiam
came from the "slavic people" so i look through their languages and came up with these names.

Slavic Names - Their Meanings
kvete - Flower or Blossums
Zala - Beautiful
Libena - Love
Zoria/Zaria- Morning Star / Sunrise = Goddess of Morning
Katarina - Pure
My Names that i picked from those where -
Zala Kveta - Libena
Other Names i thought of were - Morph, Transform, Shocking Vixen or Shocking Goddess
Any other suggestions would be good?


  1. consider the gamut of tarot cards they are pretty inspirational and very gypsy and hippie. gypsys fascinate me me- theres a great dvd of gypsys of the world Latcho drom see links below a couple of exerpts. i really like Zala would be interesting typographically to work with too.

  2. where is Bronslavia? ^_^ lol

  3. check out this site its about gypsies and trees