Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bronson: "Brand Me"

Subculture: New Wave/Romanticism, cross with more contemporary Indie Music movement.

New Romanticism; peaked in the UK during the 1980's, developing in London nightclubs and associated with numerous UK based bands during the 80's. The fashion culture of New Romanticism Movement reflects the tempestuous and dramatic style of the artists of 18th and 19th century Romanticism.

(above: a napoleonic and romanticism inspired range from Dolce&Gabana)

Totems-Rabbit, Fox and/or Elephant Shrew

(Interesting Facts:The Elephant Shrew: Elephant shrews are not, in fact, shrews. Recent evidence suggests that they are more closely related to a group of African mammals that includes hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, aardvarks, golden moles, and tenrecs. Elephant shrews take their name from their long pointed head and very long, mobile, trunk-like nose. Long, slim legs and characteristic hunchbacked posture give them the appearance of a miniature antelope or perhaps a tiny pig with a long tail. A gland on the underside of the tail produces a strong scent used to mark territories. This musky smell apparently serves as a deterrent against many carnivores. The checkered elephant shrew is a swift runner, and can make leaps of almost 3 feet. Its keen senses of sight, hearing and smell alert it quickly to danger.-and it is SO CUTE!!)
link to the African Wildlife Foundation; details on elephant shrew: http://www.awf.org/content/wildlife/detail/elephantshrew

Symbols: I want something defining, elaborate and imperial like a crest (shield ordained with crown, aniamls and flora, etc).

other possibilities:-
  • a Napoleonic Lancer/Hussar
  • personal silhouette


designed by myself on http://www.colourlovers.com/

Historian Style: The emotional and dramatic artistic style of French Romanticism. The collection will be very much based on those strong, rich and emotional colours used by artists in Romanticism; with clothing based on the enlightenment and glory of Napoleonic Military Uniforms crossed with the imperialism and pride of french sailor uniforms and the Victorian fashion trend of sailor suits.

Age Group: young adults 17-30
Gender: Male
Season: Spring/Summer
Product Range:-
  • pants/skinny jeans
  • shirts/tees
  • shoes
  • hats
  • accessories. ie:bags, belts, scarfs, sun glasses
Potential Brand Names

Bronsonian Empire

Elephant Shrew


Pygmalion et Galatée

Foxes in Suits

United States of Cupboards and Draws


Saturday Monarchy

Princes of August

Black t

Neo Dorky

I'm personally tossing up between "Bronsonian Empire" or "Saturday monarchy". If my fellow bloggers could suggest which name they like more out of the list, it would be most appreciated.


  1. Hey Bronson,
    I like Saturday Monarchy as a name. It's pretty catchy and original.

  2. I can't wait to see more Bronson. Have you heard of the English New Wave bands, Adam Ant or the Human League? I'm sure you have! These are just a few that come to mind. I loved their style.

  3. Princes of August caught my eye.
    Also Saturday Monarchy.

  4. i also like saturday monarchy or perhaps weekend monarch if you want to go a bit further. marie antionette period around 1770, vivienne westwood did the neo romantic style with the pirates in 1980 may be worth a look also the photographic work of http://alexiasinclair.com/