Monday, August 10, 2009

hello fellow classmatarians

Now i know i have been away a bit (**slaps self on hand**) ,
but in my absence i have still been researching and i thought these sites may be of use to you guys ofr the shop interiors - now the first one is a bit wacky on the design front but it might help the "stretching of the imagination" a bit more :), just search around the web page a bit trust me its worth it!!.
See you guys soon :). - more stuff down the side righthand panel on the web page. - scroll down the page and there will be topics on the interiors to click on :)


skate, surf

2. Totems?

numbers, dragon , tribal patterns , octopus

3. Symbols?

bubble, tribe , flu

4. Colours

red, white, black, orange, blue

5. Historical style

skate n surf

6. Age Group?

7. Gender?


8. Season?


9. Geographical Distribution?

australia, global maybe

10. Social, Pollitical or Environmental aware?

enviroment, water pollution

11. Define the products in the range.

surfy wear like boardy's

12. Types of fabrics?
synthetics, metallic, cotton

13. Name of your brand?



giant dragon





my clothing brand

gothic but respectable

2. Totems?

3. Symbols?
the word stegz written in Gothic style writing,lab dot written in grafity,flames,gothic tattoos

4. Colours
black,blood red,vomit green,yellow, blue.

5. Historical style
celtic, kiwi (new zealead)

6. Age Group?

7. Gender?

8. Season?

9. Geographical Distribution?

world wide

10. Social, Pollitical or Environmental aware?

social aware

11. Define the products in the range.

stylish but have a gothic or more casial side

12. Types of fabrics?

metallic, cotton, poliester.

13. Name of your brand?
stegz,lab dot,race,new back,red scorpion,drath,maliccal,live it,knight lite,newish,good,4 life,7oaks,seven,tightfight.

14. Anything else you need to tell?

Friday, August 7, 2009



I intend for my label to not be aimed at any specific group or subculture, but some subcultures that would definitely be interested in my labels philosophies are: Environmentalists, anti-consumerists and possibly the family 'mother' group.

2. Totems?

3. Symbols?

A skeleton, a skeletons arm/fist, veins, hole in broken glass.

4. Colours?

My palette I think should go along these lines; BLACK, WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN.

5. Historical Style?

Street wear...

6. Age Group?

Early teens and up.

7. Gender?

Both male and female

8. Season?

All year round.

9. Geographic distribution?

Mainly to be aimed in Cities and coastal towns but at this point I wouldn't restrict my label to any one certain place. Eventually my label might go international, which would be great.

10. Social, Political or Environmental awareness?

My label is environmentally aware with all our materials being 100% natural and recyclable.
Pro Humanity is aimed also at those people who are simply over the fuss of weather or not it is a 'quicksilver' or 'Billabong' T-shirt. My brand is meant to be kind of like Rivers, with their 'Simple, well built and honest' reputation. Unlike Billabong whom are amping everything up, advertising everywhere, making it seem you MUST have these latest clothing pieces.
But i believe Rivers is unsuccessful in attracting the more youthful (maybe more fashionable) people.
I would like my brand to be in between rivers (being straight forward, honest, reliable) and the more fashionable brands (having neon blue lights in shops, and 'fresher' designs).

I think there would be a massive group of young people especially, who would purchase Pro Humanities clothing simply because all clothes are 100% natural and recyclable. I believe as the name and designs of Pro Humanity became more spread and people found out it was all recylcable it would in its own become fashionable. But this is something that is contradictory and possibly a problem as one aims of this label is to create a new clothing line that's not self obsessed and doesn't need to claim its name all the time, aimed at those younger people not wanting to buy into consumerism. I believe as the new generation comes through it will be socially frowned upon to negatively effect the environment.

11. Define the products in the range?

At this point will only be T-shirts, Shorts, Jeans, jumpers, skirts and some dresses.

12. Types of Fabrics?
Cotton, Wool, Silk, Linen and Hemp. My brand will be brave with materials, experimenting only with all natural fibres though.

13. Name of Brand?



MIRANDA: Take a look! o_O

Hey everyone take a look at these doors, they are kinda really cool.

Then click on the No. 2 Commissioned artists or DIY options
There isn't too much there but I thought some of you might find them interesting for our shop models.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kyande - Clothing Design

1. Subculture?
Harajuku VS. Japanese Taisho Period
2. Totems?
Cherry Blossoms - Grasshopper - Jasmine
3. Symbols?
Finch - Autumn Leaf - Snow Flakes - Rays Of Sunlight - Zen - Fans
4. Colours
Cotton Candy - Yellows - Bright Reds - Blacks - GoldUltramarinesFusia - Greens
5. Historical style
Taisho Period was the highlights of the changing role of women, during the Taisho period which splits between the image of the modern girl "modan gaaru" or "moga" and the traditional girl "bijinga".
6. Age Group?
8yrs - early 20's
7. Gender?
M & F
8. Season?
All Seasons. The label celebrates colours and patterns of seasons all year round
9. Geographical Distribution?
Japan - America - Europe - Australia - England - China
10. Social, Political or Environmental aware?
ABSOLUTLY NO ANIMAL SKINS, FUR, TEETH, OF ANY KIND!! The social standard of my clothing is a rebellion with class.
11. Define the products in the range.
Scarfs – Bags – Ear Muffs – Hair Accessories – Belts – Jackets – Dresses – Layers – Pants – Gloves – Hats – Undergarments
(Possible expansions, Collectable Toys – Perfume Range)
12. Types of fabrics?
Silks - Cotton - Synthetics – Plastic – Wool – lace - metallics
13. Name of your brand?

14. Anything else you need to tell?
The clothes become more mature in the age group, for instance – 8yrs would be Cotton-Candy fun colours, then to a progression of more traditional Taisho fashion for the early 20yrs.


  • Swoon
  • delvish
  • oke
  • relish
  • roan
  • lavish
  • quish
  • relancquish
  • ravished/ravish
  • delve (think this is the one I am going to go for)
  • gaze
  • quarrel
  • coushula
  • revalle
  • domez
  • delic
  • Females

  • Winter
  • Autumn

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • White
  • Cream
  • Beige

With clothes there's pieces from a range of ages that take my interest, usually different parts of the styles that I could try and mix together to create my own image of clothing.  Varying from the ages of the 1930s, 50s and 60s. I am also interested in the Art nouveau era which catches my interest as it details yet, I feel. I would like a style of clothing that is dressing and elegant yet easy going so you may be able to dress it up and down depending on the occasion.


  • quail 
  • 2 naked maniques of a boy and a girl the 50's stylistic shape
  • An elaborate, detailed letter (maybe use victorian style typography)
  • Fox
  • Horse (raring)
  • Wild flower fairys
  • a flower (generally would want a wild flower though)
  • Leaf
  • Autumn trees


I would like there to be a great variety of fabric used to create different feel and look about the clothing and which will catch the eye a little bit.

  • Lace
  • knitted (cotton)
  • synthetic
  • silk

  • Night Dresses
  • Day Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Bras/Undies
  • Scarfs
  • Coats
  • Gloves
  • Jeans
These are the things that I would like to have. No obviously its a little unrealistic but I will see how I go.