Sunday, August 2, 2009

LuLu : Fashion Label thoughts

high fashion/alternate

Totems and symbols:
  • antique items and picture frames,
  • flower motifs,
  • body shape silhouettes,
  • random art images,
  • eyes,
  • red lipstick,
  • human expressions
Blacks, greys, whites and sudden bright splashes of colour
- think loud paint thrown against an old vintage wall paper

Historical Style:
I'm not too sure where my influence is from, its a bit of a confused between recent high fashion, and vintage 1950s - 70s. Imagine current high fashion style mixed with vintage pattern and electric colour

Age Group:
17 - 30


spring - summer

Geographical Distribution:
high fashion capitals; London, Paris, etc and our Sydney

Social, Political or Environmental issues:
I'm thinking of making some shirt print designs that are reflective of different social comments, like those made by the graffiti artists we studied last term. I want to express environmental awareness issues by my use of printing materials and fabrics. No harm to animals for making of products.

Products in range:
  • dresses,
  • high waisted skirts,
  • shoes and heels,
  • leggings and stockings,
  • tops,
  • vests,
  • jackets
  • satins,
  • blends,
  • knitted,
  • lace
  • natural
  • velvet
Brand Name:
  • Vintage Electric
  • Short Stories
  • Short Stories of Midnight
  • Summer Romance
  • Midnight Lust
  • Beyond Ordinary
  • Vintage Therapy
  • Black Midnight
  • Ecentric
  • Vintage Soup
  • Glory Box
  • Glory Box Therapy
  • Ecentric Therapy
  • Tales of Midnight
  • Therapy
  • Beyond Imagination
I'm pretty set on Vintage Electric, but let me know what you think.
Heres some of my logo design thumbnails to help you imagine the mixture of inspiration i have tried to express in my blog:

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  1. vintage electric is apt for the mashup you are intending. expand on what you mean by antique/ vintage items. sounds great.